How Freelancing Is Impacting the Philippine Economy

Author: Jessica Fenol, ABS-CBN News

Freelance is the way of the future for human resources. The emergence of online freelancing in the Philippines has given professionals more freedom and opportunities to make a living from the other side of the world. Filipino entrepreneurs recognize how freelancing impacts the economy. There has been an evident shift in how professionals work and how businesses think about how outsourcing offers flexibility. Years from now, we will see a thriving market that caters to a new sector of the country’s workforce.

The Freelance Trend

It’s not easy to leave an office position with security of tenure for freelance gigs. Yet, like me, everybody loves the idea of having control over when and where they want to work. When making big decisions such as changing a career model, you have to weigh your options. There must be something valuable in working as a freelancer, especially for Philippine-based professionals.

Work Flexibility

Nobody wants to work all the time. Certainly, none of us wants to spend our entire adult life working. That’s why we have retirement! But as we prepare for it, we aim to earn as much money as possible by working at least 8 hours a day, every day. We tend to forget how valuable time is.

Freelancing allows you to take control over how you work. It is similar to running your own business where you choose when to work, what to work on, and how to do it. Clients understand that Philippine-based freelancers have a different time zone so most of them do not expect these freelancers to work during their hours. Instead, you agree on a certain number of hours per week and set deadlines for submissions. Clients also don;t usually mind if you’re working from an island in Boracay as long as you are able to communicate with them as needed. Freelancing is output-based and quality is valued over cost.

Higher Income

The Philippines is a developing country and professionals based here have different rates as compared to those working in advanced countries like the US. This is the very reason international businesses want to outsource tasks to Philippine-based freelancers. However, the

freelance culture recognizes the worth of your skills, experience, and quality of work. Clients are more than willing to pay a good amount worthy of your talent and performance.

Studies show that freelancers who find work through freelance platforms like FreeUp have a higher chance of earning more than what they could expect in the corporate setting. These networks are trusted by clients where they expect to find top talent. Clients are billed from the onset of the engagement, which includes onboarding hours. Through websites like FreeeUp, no effort is wasted. This gives freelancers great opportunity to get paid right and earn more.

Of course, freelancers based in the Philippines earn in US dollars. Foreign currency, when exchanged to our own, transcribes to a higher income. It doesn’t only benefit you but the country’s economy as well.


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